A New Year's Promise

I think I will follow up with a detailed list of more traditional (and some not so traditional) resolutions for 2011.  It will be a part of this one.

I have gotten quite a few comments on my lack of blog output for the last two months.  Mea magna culpa.  Since September, I’ve been heads down doing some serious coding on an AdTech project in Manhattan while waiting for my new VC job to come together.  Well, the project is largely complete and I started my new job as a Venture Partner at Greycroft in early December.

Illustration on the méxican ancient calendar f...

This has been a year of meeting people and

networking.  My LinkedIn connection count went from 80 to 450+ in six months.  And, no

t really being a social animal, this shaking hands and smiling was, at times, a challenge.

In 2011, I promise to blog more.  Way more.  A lot of people have asked and pushed me to do so… and I think it’s a good idea and will make my postings more frequent.  I don’t really use English at home (Russian is the native tongue) and find myself increasingly voicing my opinions in VC sound-bites.  Need to start writing again.

So, stay tuned for a content-filled 2011.  I have four posts in the queue, all kind of half-finished.  The fun starts New Year’s Day.

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