It's been a while...

Last time I posted something was a more than a year ago.  No, I haven’t been “crazy busy” (as colleagues like to say), just crazy lazy and focused on different things.  In 2014 — I plan to change that.  I will start doing this regularly once again.  It’s one of my New Year’s resolutions.  There are many things worth writing about the have been on the back-burner for no apparent reason and it’s time to change that.


Unlike my attempts in prior posts, this one contains NO USEFUL INFORMATION so you can stop reading now.

But, I will summarize 2013 before starting to bore everyone with a new series of posts in 2014.  This  year was not nearly as packed with new investments as last one.  Like the companies we backed in 2012, this year was mostly about helping them build a business and helping ourselves do the same.  I spent a lot of time actually working with the startups we backed.  We, as a firm, spent a lot of time “getting our back office in order.”

Nonetheless, three of our 2012 companies raised nice follow-on rounds:  Koding, GridGain, and CrowdComp uting.  We were fortunate to make new investments in DataDog, Zerto, and Liftopia.  Oh, and RingCentral (one of our later 2012 investments) had an awesome IPO in Q3.  We were thrilled to add some great co-investors to our already great list:  Index, USVP, Matrix, and Almaz Capital.

We moved to a new office in the beautiful Lipstick Building across the avenue from our last place.  I always wanted to have an office there because the building just looked so cool.  And, yes, that’s where Bernie Madoff did his “money management”  (but he was on the 18th and 19th floors and were are above that on the 24th :).

I took 4 vacation and 27(!) business  trips in 2013.  That’s a lot of miles and, unfortunately, I don’t see an end to this any time soon.  There is a post coming on the many ways in which travel truly sucks.  I went to San Francisco a lot,  but also to Boston, Boulder, San Antonio, Moscow, Minsk, St. Petersburg and Kiev.  I prefer staying home in New York, but, unfortunately the tech scene here is not all it’s cracked up to be.

I’m a geek and still code almost every day. So, I really enjoyed building our web site in Ruby on Rails.  And for the past few months I had the pleasure of writing, from scratch, a new portfolio management and reporting system for our fund.  It’s in Play + Scala and is still a work in progress.  Akka is coming.  It shall be sweet and the chance to learn new tech is what makes life worth it.  I still hate the amount of time CSS takes (yes, I’m doing it in LESS), but creating software is still what makes me happy.  I do my own graphics and design, write my own Coffescript, implement the backend services in (Java, Scala, Ruby) and deploy them to Amazon or Heroku.  I made my partners use Jira to file bugs and enhancement requests.  How’s that for a VC firm?

So, stay tuned in 2014… some (hopefully) useful things are on tap.  Oh, and some rants as well.  People tell me I’m good at those.